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7" Colour Video Door Phone 2.4GHz Wireless door phone 2 Wire door phone system
£129.00 Inc VAT
£109.00 Inc VAT
£25.00 Inc VAT
7" Colour Video Door Phone by Mercury, Part Number 350.020UK 2.4GHz Wireless door phone by Mercury, Part Number 350.001UK 2 Wire door phone system by Mercury, Part Number 350.010UK
Smart WiFi HD Video Doorbell Talk through glass intercom
£79.99 Inc VAT
£69.00 Inc VAT
Smart WiFi HD Video Doorbell by Mercury, Part Number 350.025UK Talk through glass intercom by Adastra, Part Number 952.827UK


Today's Super Deal!

UP2 Portable UHF Wireless set

£99.00 Inc VAT
UP2 Portable UHF Wireless set by Chord, Part Number 171.920UK
Portable UHF wireless microphone system with neckband mic and beltpack transmitter, supplied with a portable beltpack receiver and over-ear headphones. The receiver can be connected to any line input for regular wireless microphone operation or as a wireless link to an active speaker. Two selectable carrier frequencies give the option of 2 systems working independently in the same area or the ability to switch between 2 sets of listeners. Additionally, a hot-shoe adaptor is provided for mounting to a camera for broadcasts and video presentations. A super versatile wireless set that can also form part of a larger system when extended with additional transmitters and receivers (available separately).
Complete transmitter & receiver set in ABS carry case
Supplied with discreet neckband mic
Supplied with over-ear headphones
2 switchable UHF carrier frequencies
Supplied with hot-shoe adaptor for camera mounting
Additional receivers (171.921UK) & transmitters (171.922UK) available
Transmitter compatible with Chord neckband & lavalier microphones
Receiver compatible with standard headphones
Compatible with line level input & output

Power supply - 4 x AA batteries (2 for transmitter, 2 for receiver)
Carrier frequencies - 863.3MHz + 864.3MHz
Transmitter : power - ?20mW
Dimensions (packed) - 250 x 210 x 70mm
Weight (per set) - 740g
Maximum range - 60m
Headphone : impedance - ?16 Ohms
Microphone : connector - 3.5mm mono jack
Frequency response - 40Hz - 15kHz
Phantom power - 3V
Microphone - Miniature electret condenser
Auxiliary input - 3.5mm stereo jack (transmitter)
REC output - 3.5mm 4-pole jack to smart phone / laptop
Headphone : power - 2 x 50mW @1kHz (THD 3%)
Audio output - 3.5mm stereo jack - headphone or line out (mono summed)
Part Number - 171.920UK
Model Number - UP2-SET
Barcode - 5015972190142

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